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1. Which  of the following was not similar between jainism and buddhism ?


2. which one of the following was known as Chalcolithic age?


3. which of the following is/are the agents of denudation ?

  1. forest
  2. sun
  3. wind
  4. waves

4. The government of India act 1935 was based on ?


5. for which of the following items, is Thiruppur well know as a huge exporter to many parts of the world ?


6. when the thermal velocity is reached, the acceleration of a body moving through a viscous medium is


7. which of the following material is very hard and very ductile ?


8. what is regulated by the sphincter muscles in the stomach ?


9. The enzyme found in saliva


10. Who led the English army in the battle of Buxar ?


11. All India Muslim league was formed at


12. which of the following is not a salt water lake ?


13. which among the following neighbouring country of India is the largest producer of opium in the world ?


14. Lok sabha secretariat comes under the direct control of


15. which of the following is not a component of M-2 ?


16. The product of force and the time for which the force acts on a body is equal to the change in …………………. of the body .


17. Bohr’s model is related to which of the following ?


18. who were ‘umanar’ in the sangam age ?


19. The Indian National Army came into existence in 1943 in


20. which of the following landforms is an intermonatane plateau ?


21. the idea of including the emergency provision in the constitution of India has been borrowed from which country’s constitution ?


22. economic liberalization in India started with


23. which instrument measure AF signal level and noise ?


24. Lymph carries digested and absorbed fat from …………….


25. which of the following is not a constituent of phloem ?


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